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Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

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Sterling silver will tarnish naturally over time but can be cleaned very easily. Be sure to clean the silver only and avoid contact with any stones, particularly pearls and soft stones such as opals and emeralds, as the polish may cause damage to these stones.

Be particularly careful of chlorine. Chlorine, especially at high temperatures, can permanently damage or discolor your silver jewelry. Avoid wearing silver jewelry while using chlorine bleach or while in a pool or hot tub. Tarnish is also accelerated in a humid environment. Oily salts from fingers can also tarnish silver.

Great way to kick off 2018: An interview with Taiwan-based La Vie magazine (January, 2018)

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Happy 2018! I was overjoyed when I found out last month La Vie magazine wanted to interview me for their January 2018 issue. La Vie is a Taiwanese monthly lifestyle and design magazine, published by Cite Publishing. In Taiwan, it is one of the most prestigious magazines in the arts and design fields.  I remembered when I was still living in Taiwan, I used to seek inspiration by browsing through their monthly magazines in the bookstore, it’s literally like a bible for artists and designers.  Therefore, I felt so honored and immediately said “Yes!” to the opportunity without any hesitation.  Besides, this is my very first interview from my home country, so it really means a lot to me to be recognized by my people.

The main focus of this issue is an in-depth discussion about the alternative career paths and lifestyles of my generation of craftsmen and craftswomen. The career choices for a college graduate are not limited to  working for corporate America.  Instead, young Taiwanese craftsmen and craftswomen are using their creativity and talents to build the vivid lifestyle that they have seen all over the world.    

My section was actually a group interview with five other Taiwanese craftspeople. Each of us shared our experiences of working as an entrepreneur in different countries, including France, the United States, England, Israel, and Australia. As a studio jeweler, I talked about the overall market trends in the States based on my personal observations in this industry through the years.

I wish they had an English translation of the magazine, but at least I can still share my happiness with you! I hope you all had a wonderful holidays with your loved ones in 2017 and have a prosperous New Year!

Till next time,


[Repost] Jewelry Under $200

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Thank you Made of Jewelry for featuring my Reveal earrings! 

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 12.08.35 PM.png

As told in my previous, not everyone has the money to buy exquisite and/or high end jewelry. But you must know there is jewelry out there for all kinds of budgets. That's why I selected some under $200 just for you! Hope you'll like what I've came up with!

  1. Keynes Small Signature Hexagon Chain bracelet by Walters Faith in Sterling Silver, $150
  2. Tourmaline ring by Manari Design in 14k Rose/White/Yellow Gold, $199
  3. Champagne Diamond Half Eternity ring by Rie Kanemitsu Jewellery, $200
  4. Self Love bracelet by Fred + Far, $179
  5. Jaqcueline hoops by Erin DeLuca Jewelry, $130
  6. 14kt Gold Sapphire & Champagne Diamond Arc ring by La Kaiser, $172
  7. Rose Baby Signet by Gabriela Artigas, $195
  8. Boss necklace by Winden Jewelry, $185
  9. Little By Little ring by Aletheia Phos set with graduating faceted Iolite, $189
  10. White Sapphire ring by Jamie Park Jewelry, $199
  11. Anni Aquamarine Pave Crescent ring by Leah Alexandra, $170
  12. 14K Gold Birthstone Stud by Shahla Karimi, $145 (single)
  13. Snake ring by Mara Carrizo Scalise in Sterling Silver, $145
  14. Carved Tourmaline Flower pendant by Happy Little Gems, $133
  15. Bloom ring by Louise Jean Jewelry set with Pink Sapphires in Sterling Silver, $180
  16. Banded ring in Silver by Clarice Price Thomas, $164
  17. Wrap ring by Karen Hsiang in Sterling Silver, $190
  18. Mini Letter Chain ring by Kelly Bello Designs, $130
  19. Rún earrings by Laurie Fleming in Sterling Silver set with Mother of Pearl stones, $155
  20. Friends Smitten Chain necklace by Ruifier, $155
  21. Atlantic Ocean ring by Silverella NYC set with London Blue Topaz in Sterling Silver, 190
  22. Reveal - 3 Tier Geo Post earrings by HTY Jewelry, $185
  23. Tiny Turquoise with Cognac Diamond studs by Lumo, $125 (single)
  24. Cupid necklace by Workhorse Jewelry, $172
  25. Amethyst and Baby Diamond Bezel Birthstone ring by Stones & Gold, $175

Behind the scenes at my very first style shoot featuring:

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Jewelry: HTY Jewelry

Model: Emily K Hunter

Hair and makeup: Naomi Yata

Photography: Jessica Berkowitz Photography

I feel so proud and grateful about my first collaboration style shoot with these three super talented ladies last month. Our Audrey Hepburn- inspired shoot was a great success and here is why:

Durham-based photographer Jessica Berkowitz successfully captured the charm and the spirit of Audrey Hepburn from beautiful model Emily K. Hunter.  She held her camera as if it was her magic wand, she knows how to blend  all the elements to create the most breathtaking images. Watching her photography process was just so inspiring!  

Raleigh-based makeup artist and  hairstylist Naomi Yata is also a true artist. She really transformed our model, Emily, into the modern and chic Audrey that I had pictured in my mind for months.  When Naomi suggested the Audrey-with-an-edge-twist theme, it just clicked with me because that’s exactly what I want my jewelry-lover to feel when they wear my jewelry: be bold and be classy.  

Lastly, a super thanks to my friend and our model Emily.  Can you believe this was her first fashion shoot!? She is a total natural! When I explained the shoot concept, she just got it, and the result speaks for itself.  She was like the incarnation of Audrey but with her own interpretation.  

The whole collaboration experience was so much fun, I truly can’t ask for more from this dream team! A picture is worth a thousand words, so here we go! Click the link below to see the full collection!!!

How to care for your Oxidized Sterling Silver Jewelry

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Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 9.46.20 PM.png

The blackish color of oxidized sterling silver is a special treatment that is achieved by careful processing at our design studio. With time and with wear, the color of the oxidized metal may lighten a bit—this is a natural and organic occurrence. If you attempt to clean oxidized sterling silver with a cloth or chemicals, it may strip off the oxidized finish. Please do not clean oxidized sterling silver jewelry.  Attempting to clean oxidized sterling silver jewelry will remove the finish.

September was harvest month and I reaped the rewards of hard work!

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September was quite a productive and busy month for me and for my business, HTY Jewelry. I want to share a couple of the highlights with you!

Highlight #1: Call me a girl boss! My jewelry business conference trip to New York City!

I traveled to NYC from September 12th-15th for my very first Flourish & Thrive Live Event, a jewelry business workshop and conference., I’ve been a participant in this jewelry business coaching program since the beginning of the year and it was an amazing experience to get to spend my time with other talented women entrepreneurs & jewelry designers. I learned so much from the workshops and the life and business experiences shared by the other attendees during the week. It felt like I was back to school again, but this time I was learning new methods and techniques that help me run my business in a better way! This trip also allowed me to re-charge and visit my friend from graduate school!

Highlight #2: Guo Pei: Couture Beyond Exhibition Reception at SCAD FASH | Museum of Fashion + Film, Atlanta

Last month I mentioned that my jewelry collection was selected to be displayed for sale at the SCAD FASH | Museum of Fashion + Film store in Atlanta during fashion designer “Guo Pei: Couture Beyond exhibition”.  I saw the exhibition in Atlanta during the VIP reception on Sept 21st. Seeing all of Ms. Guo’s 50+ couture dresses in person was just an incredible eye-opening experience. I was blown away by the perfect craftsmanship and how detailed-oriented of each her dresses are. Some of the dresses took her years to complete; they are truly the work of art! The highlight of the evening was meeting Guo Pei in person! It was a short introduction and she was so humble and down to the earth. I now understand why everyone in both fashion and politics likes her! I truly feel honored that my jewelry was chosen to complement her exhibition. It was truly one of my most unforgettable nights!

Highlight #3: CenterFest, Durham + Wide Open Bluegrass Festival, Raleigh

When I look back at my September calendar, I don't know how I was able to add two more shows in between all those travel….What can I say, I can be a workaholic sometimes. LOL. I had a great turnout for both shows and I was able  to reconnect with several of my previous customers and make connections with my new customers. I really enjoy doing shows in my hometown and region... and being able to sleep in my own bed and with my own pillow every night is always a plus :P

Highlight #4: Charity campaign for Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria relief efforts

Thank you so much for supporting the charity campaign! I started the campaign on my website during the last two weeks of September and during CenterFest and Wide Open Bluegrass Festival, I generated four sales from the selected jewelry during this period. I divided 30% of the proceeds into three equal amounts and donated to the Red Cross for relief efforts from Hurricanes Harvey & Irma and to United for Puerto Rico for relief efforts for Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria. So glad we got to help them all together.

It’s finally October.The air is fresh and crisp and I am giving myself a short break to enjoy it. But stay tuned for coming up photos from my latest Audrey Hepburn inspired collaborative style shoot with talented photographer Jessica Berkowitz, brilliant makeup and hair stylist Naomi Yata, and beautiful model Emily Kaitlyn Hunter featuring my Reveal collection!!!

Sneak peak: Behind the scene

Sneak peak: Behind the scene

Metalhead: A Learning Lesson, Part 2 | Gold-filled, Gold Vermeil, and Gold Leaf Jewelry Care

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Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 5.02.50 PM.png

Gold-filled, gold vermeil, and gold leaf jewelry requires special care. Store your jewelry in an airtight container when not in use and remove them before applying perfumes, lotions and before bathing. Chlorine, especially at high temperatures, can permanently damage or discolor your jewelry. Avoid wearing them while using chlorine bleach or while in a pool or hot tub. To clean your gold-filled, gold vermeil, and gold leaf jewelry buff VERY gently with a soft, dry 100% cotton cloth. NEVER use chemical cleaners on as it can strip the gold finish. It is natural for gold-filled, gold vermeil, and gold leaf jewelry to tarnish with time— don’t worry though, it adds character to the item and makes it as individual as you are.

"Guo Pei: Couture Beyond" Exhibition featuring yours truly

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It happened so fast. For the past three years, ShopSCAD, the gallery store for the Savannah College of Art & Design has successfully represented my jewelry at their beautifully curated store located in center of downtown Savannah, Georgia. Since early summer I have been communicating with the store manager, Suzanne about arranging a re-order for the upcoming holiday season.  On the last Friday of August I received a call from her right before I was about to call it a day. It turned out that she decided to select a nice range from my collection for the SCAD Fash Museum of Fashion + Film museum shop during Guo Pei’s solo exhibition because they think the style of my jewelry will complement Guo Pei’s couture dresses. I WAS BEYOND THRILLED!!!

According to The Wall Street Journal Guo Pei is China’s first haute couture designer.  She created Rihanna’s gold ball gown and red carpet-winner for the 2015 MET Gala, after that she gained major media attention in the U.S. although she was already well-known in China.  Guo was named one of Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People" and one of The Business of Fashion's 500 "People Shaping the Global Fashion Industry."  This exhibition is ranked as #1 on ELLE DECOR's list of the 12 Best Museum Exhibitions for Alternative Fashion in 2017.  

And, dear friends, this is why my heart nearly jumped out of my chest when I got off the phone with Suzanne. Even though I was only given a week to complete the whole order I was not going to let go of this amazing opportunity. I had to temporarily stop everything I was working on that week so that I can focus on filling this order. I worked day and night, even past midnight (which I haven’t done since graduate school :P )…but it was worth all the hard work!

“Guo Pei: Couture Beyond” is also Guo’s first solo exhibition in the U.S. This landmark exhibition presents more than 30 of her grandest, most dramatic gowns from the past decade, alongside a selection of her prêt-à-porter dresses and jackets. It includes complete looks replete with accordant footwear and accessories.

If you are huge fashion lover and live in Atlanta area or greater southeastern U.S. you won’t want to miss this this exhibition!


“Guo Pei: Couture Beyond” Exhibition

Sept 7, 2017 - March 8, 2018

SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film

1600 Peachtree St.

Atlanta, GA 30309


For more information:

Metalheads: A Learning Lesson, Part 1 | Enamel Jewelry Care

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I know it’s a bit nerdy, and it may be the last thing people think about when purchasing a piece of beautifully handcrafted jewelry, but not knowing proper care instructions is like buying a new car without driver’s manual! In order to make it an heirloom piece, let’s talk about jewelry care. I have been wanting to incorporate an educational  blog post for some time. I hope you will find this information useful and valuable!

I have included the materials and metals that I use in my work, but you can also apply these care tips to the jewelry you have that share the same medium. Jewelry is as diverse as the artists that create it. With so much information to share I decided to break this information up into a five-part series: enamel jewelry; gold-filled/gold vermeil/gold leaf jewelry; oxidized sterling silver jewelry; sterling silver jewelry; and gold and platinum jewelry.

Also, if you have an educational topic to suggest, please email me.

Caring for Enamel Jewelry

Enamel jewelry is created by the fusion of glass at very high temperatures with metals. Like a fine glass sculpture, enamel jewelry is beautiful and yet fragile, and can scratch easily. It needs proper care on a regular basis to maintain its beauty. Be careful handling your pieces of enamel jewelry. Place jewelry on tissue paper or soft cloth and wrap it up before and after you wear it. This will protect the glass from accidental scratches and chips. And place the jewelry in a separate storage box; this will prevent them from being bumped against other items and becoming accidentally damaged.

Next month I’ll cover gold-filled, gold vermeil, and gold leaf jewelry. Stay tuned!

Crafting Beauty by Raleigh Magazine

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I am honored to be featured in Raleigh Magazine’s  “Crafting Beauty,”  a feature on local Raleigh jewelry designers. My work was highlighted along with two other talented women for their July issue.



A native of Taiwan, Hsiang-Ting Yen grew up fascinated by jewelry. She played with it as a child, collected it through adulthood, and since 2013, has sold it from her store in Raleigh.

Yen’s collections have grown from various influences including sculpture, geometric shapes, and bold colors. Looking at her portfolio, you can see her work shift as she is exposed to new muses, letting her “artistic gut” take over.

Imagine hand-crafted pieces made from sterling silver, electro-formed copper, enamel and 24k gold vermeil. Triangles cascade down her earrings, large ovals dangle from her necklaces, and her rings jump from traditional to her Black & Gold Armor Statement Ring, a warrior-like piece worthy of a superhero.

“I love earrings,” says Yen. “When I create a new collection, I start with earrings. They are my best sellers at shows. A lot of times I have to remind myself to make more than earrings to create a full collection.”

Her collection is both wearable and bold at the same time, designed for confident and unique women.For Yen, jewelry design has a dual purpose. There is her vision, and then there is her client’s. “For custom pieces, I help individualize the jewelry and help people create a piece that tells their own story,” says Yen.

Custom pieces range from wedding rings to men’s accessories, and sometimes even include heirlooms. A past client, for example, has hired Yen to make a ring repurposed from her great-grandmother’s pendant. In terms of custom pieces, Yen says that rings are her favorite to make.

Yen admits that her custom portfolio may seem “all over the place” because of the individual attention she must pay to each client. “My customer is my inspiration,” says Yen.

Yen started her business with a studio space and also attending craft shows all over the country. While Yen has had to cut down on her show attendance to focus on custom work, she still loves the shows and can be seen occasionally from San Francisco to Atlanta.

Click here for the full article:

Lover from A Past Life

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My father and I, circa 1986.   The picture was taken on Kinman Island where my father was posted and met my mother.

My father and I, circa 1986.   The picture was taken on Kinman Island where my father was posted and met my mother.

There is a famous saying in Taiwan that reads “A daughter is her father’s lover from his past life.”  It describes the special bonds between a father and daughter in such a sweet way.  It took me years to understand the true meaning behind it, even after I left home to live in the United States.

My father, a retired military officer, has high standards when it comes to discipline and education.  Growing up I was always scared of him a little because he expected me not only to be well-behaved, but also to be a positive role model to my younger brother and sister. I was to blame if I didn’t meet his expectation. He was very strict about building up our moral characters and how to be a good person and citizen in our society.  But, he never got upset if I didn’t do well in school, instead, he encouraged me to try again next time and that the most important thing is to not give up.   

I love my father, but because of this pattern I was too shy to express the appreciation and love I have for him. And we had so many fights during my rebellious adolescence age (who doesn’t?).

Everything changed in 2002 when we almost lost him due to a severe liver illness. Fortunately my mother was able to donate 75% of her liver for a transplant and now they are truly part of one another..  That experience really changed how our entire family communicates: we are no longer feel embarrassed or awkward to express ourselves. The thought of losing my father is unbearable. We learned that life is too short to not let people know how much you care about them. I live 8,000 miles away from my family now and I try to visit yearly every time I go home for a visit the airport goodbyes just get harder and harder. My dad is typically  the first or second one to burst into  tears. Although, normally we take turns and then laugh at each other.  

My dad and I are so much alike, from our look to our personality.  As an adult I really appreciate his strict parenting style because  I learned his values and have applied them to my life personally and professionally.  I wouldn’t be who I am today without his nuturing.  I still seek his guidance when I’m facing any difficulties in my life because I know he will give me the best suggestions. He is my dad , my friend,and my life coach.

I love you dad!  Even though we celebrate Father’s Day in August 8 in Taiwan, since I’m in the United States, I guess I get to celebrate twice with you! : P

Please scroll down to see the jewelry I’ve made for my father in the past. From left to right: Chameleon inspired cufflinks, oxidized sterling silver ring, and an enameled tie pin. 



A Dutch Adventure: Finding Inspiration at the Rijks Museum

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As a jewelry artist, I am always seeking my next source of inspiration, even when I’m on vacation.(I know I shouldn’t think about work while vacationing but I just can’t help myself : P ). It is part of who I am, it is my identity.  

My husband Nate and I spent two weeks in April visiting friends in Germany, France, and the Netherlands. I spent time people-watching on the streets, in the stores, museums, and the subways and finding the most interesting pieces of jewelry. This was my first visit to Europe and I did notice a huge difference when it comes to jewelry between American and European style. My observation was that people wear a more subtle style and a lot of smaller gold-tone jewelry. Occasionally I found some very avant-garde modern jewelry. I wish I could have taken pictures of those people, but I didn’t want to be mistaken as creepy.  

I felt like I was in heaven when we visited the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The museum has an extensive permanent jewelry collection from the 16th century to the modern era. I was especially drawn to the 16th century Renaissance-era and Baroque-era enameled jewelry. The craftsmanship of these master pieces are amazing. The details of the ornate designs are so intricate that I was left wondering how the goldsmiths were able to develop the metalsmithing techniques back then. I was like a kid in a candy store, wishing I could learn those techniques from the jewelry masters. Now I understand why the Netherlands is known for its “Dutch Design”: the Dutch people have inherited their aesthetics from talented, past generations.  

Here are couple of my top favorite pieces that I want to share with you:  (list of 6-8 images of jewelry)   

It is nice to be home again and back in my studio: I am feeling fully rested, re-charged, and inspired. While I don’t know how this trip is going to influence my future designs, I do know the seed has been planted. I am excited to see how it’s going to flourish in its own surprising way. Stay tuned!

North Carolina Museum of Art Special Exhibition Art in Bloom, March 30 - April 2

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lthough only in it’s third year the North Carolina Museum of Arts (NCMA), Art in Bloom exhibit is sure to become a signatures annual fundraising event. The show, which ran from March 30 - April 2, featured over 50 pieces from the museum’s permanent art collection paired with floral designers who use the artwork as inspiration to create a floral installation. I’ve never seen anything like this before! And who doesn’t love flowers? It is the perfect Spring indoor activity for anyone who enjoys true beauty. As soon as I found out about this exhibit, I purchased tickets for both my husband and I. Just because we have both been so busy at work for the past two months and can totally use a date!

The show was amazing! I was blown away by all the floral designers’ creativity and craftsmanship.The way they interpreted the artwork was so clever no matter whether it was narratively or abstractly. It was very inspiring. I was amazed by every single detail they addressed in their installations, and how they made the right choice regarding the types of flowers or plants that work for each piece of  art. It was a feast for the eye with so many different kinds of exotic flowers. Most I had never seen before. The NCMA did an amazing job this year and I am  happy that I got to witness  this beautiful event!

American Craft Council - Atlanta Craft Show Review, March 17 -19

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I headed to Atlanta, from March 17-19, for my third time to participate in the American Craft Council (ACC) - Atlanta Craft Show. I’ve always enjoyed this show: the venue is quite nice, it locates at Cobb Galleria Centre which is Atlanta’s premier convention center. The customers were friendly as always. I took time on the weekend to catch up with my artist friends from Raleigh and alumni from SCAD, including my department chair. The first day of the show, Friday, March 17th, happened to be St. Patrick’s Day. I loved how people dressed up in green to attend  the show. Unexpectedly for me, a couple of my green colored earrings were popular that day! (heart).

The show went smoothly from packing and traveling to set-up, sales, networking, breakdown, repacking, and more traveling. Attending shows is hard work but I love it and it’s always worth to me and my business. I’m happy with the result, not only my old customers came back to my booth with some purchases or said hello to me, but I was be able attract more new customers to fall in love with my new collection “Reveal!” This is my last show of the first quarter, now I can finally take a few days off to recharge and, (my favorite!) catch up with all the custom orders that have piled up :P



How I Rocked the American Craft Retail Expo & American Craft Council Show and Took On Philadelphia, Baltimore, & Washington D.C.

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I did it! This was my first time attending and selling at two major shows in a row. I was on the road for over 10 days from Philadelphia to Baltimore, and then off to Washington D.C. Overall the shows were a success: I received a lot of positive feedback and took several orders for my new collection, “Reveal,” from both new buyers and returning customers. 

While in Philadelphia for ACRE my husband and I experienced nightlife in Philadelphia by dining at several delicious authentic Chinese restaurants such as E-Mei Restaurant, Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House, and this really amazing no name speakeasy bar in the center of Chinatown. I never say “no” to a dual-purpose business trip! I heart Philly!

After ACRE, I stopped in Washington D.C. for two days for rest with good friends. It was a pleasant break in between the shows Philadelphia and Baltimore. I recharged with eight hours of sleep and by visiting the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, and the National Gallery of Art for two days straight! Walking through the halls I was drawn into the unique structures and compositions of the contemporary art masters’ works. And, the Baltimore ACC was a reunion of many of my jewelry friends and made couple of new friends as well!

It’s March now and I’m finally home with my boys (my hubby and my two little boy cats) and my  girl (Nora, the wonder dog). I love presenting my work at shows but there’s nothing like getting back to work in the studio filling orders and restocking my inventory for ACC Atlanta later this month.

Hsiang-Ting Yen, signing off!